What a few of our clients had to say …


It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I will never forget this and we will come back again very soon. Very good service, friendly people A+++ Very safe and I felt secure at all times. Very enthusiastic and fun. Field/course was well laid out and great for whole family.
Sarah Mosley

Service, High end equipment, personal advice, quality options, prompt replies, not too commercialised, low cost fun, well explained rules, prepared to be flexible, engaged with customers.
Gary Hooson

Whangarei Boys and Whangarei Girls High Schools International students think the Strategy Tag activity is Awesome. We are extremely satisfied with the service Brent and Cindy provide from their safety information and equipment provided at an affordable cost for our groups. They always go the extra mile to ensure our students enjoy their experience.
Natalia Pietrucci

Excellent Service, very friendly and informative. Have been here for 22 years and fields are always changing so it is very exciting.
Ryan Holtz

Constantly changing the paintball experience, definitely entertaining, adventurous challenging, Mentally and physically demanding overall a thoroughly enjoyable time definitely worth the recommendations
Adam Holtz

Fantastic experience Keen to come back.

Strategy Tag offers a great service which offers a team building and fun experience for all levels to enjoy.
Mackenzie M

They have an amazing set up, so much fun! They explain everything and demonstrated safety thing too! They have food and drinks available too! Its great!
Lilly Mackinnon

Great setup, organised and respectful of clients.
Oakley Drewet

They have an awesome field can cater for everything. Great instructions. Respectful to clients and make sure everyone understands.
DJ Williams

Its cheap and reasonable entertainment, that’s not far to travel- good team bonding and fun for groups, work places and special occasions, amazing it’s the only place I spend my money for fun, awesome selection of courses.
Aaron G

Loveithere Long